Air Domes

What is an Air Dome?

Air domes, or air-supported buildings, have become increasingly popular over the past few decades as they provide the most cost-effective and versatile means to cover large, clear-span spaces.

At a fraction of the cost of traditional construction methods, they can also be produced far more quickly, with buildings often taking a matter of weeks from design sign-off to installation on site.

Air-supported buildings can be used to cover almost any area and are ideal for almost every application. From a small dome to ensure all-weather tennis, to the largest dome in Europe housing multiple sports pitches, a DBS dome is the ultimate proven solution.

Despite awareness and use of domes increasing all the time, it is not until you step into a DBS building that the true potential of the structure is revealed. Just like any modern building our domes are robust, reliable, long-lasting, secure, and temperature controlled through our local/remote management systems.

Air Dome Air Dome inside

How do Air Domes work?

Air domes work through the internal environment of the building being positively pressurised. It is for this reason that most people visiting an air dome sense a slight change in pressure as they step into the building.


Our air-handling units control not just the temperature of the building, but also ensure the internal air-pressure is managed at all times, even automatically increasing the pressure when a storm approaches, or raising the insulated membrane temperature should snow start to fall.


All operational aspects of the dome, including security CCTV, can be managed through our SmartDome system which can be accessed locally or remotely at any time.


Our domes are pre-engineered, designed, and then manufactured in the DBS production facilities as a complete package, ready for delivery to site and an efficient installation and handover. 

Air Dome Uses and Applications

Air Domes are used across a host of sectors and applications, predominantly in leisure, commercial, and industrial projects. Wherever there is a requirement to cover a large space, while saving time and money, an air dome is the preferred solution.

Globally, the leisure sector has made the most use of domes, with structures used to cover any area which allows for sport to be played indoors, all year round. Aside from sports, air domes are also engineered to host events, with some of our largest domes able to accommodate up to 10,000 people.

Over the years, DBS have created air domes that cover full-size football pitches, tennis courts, ice hockey rinks, and swimming pools, to name but a few applications. And our clients range from professional sports clubs, to educational, community, and private commercial facilities.

Away from leisure, our air domes are used as clear span storage facilities for everything from food to timber. Being column-free and providing easy-to-access space, a DBS dome can be racked out with high bay systems if needed.

Air domes are also used as fabrication and production facilities, with examples of their flexibility including mining and intensive food farming.

Air Dome technology

DBS air domes include a range of ground-breaking, industry-leading technologies and systems which enhance the usability, performance, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of the structure. From energy-efficient LED lighting and temperature control systems, to air-management and the fabric of the dome itself, our technological superiority ensures no other air-supported building comes close.

DBS membrane systems:

  • Long life span
  • Resistance to UV rays, moisture and mould
  • High natural light transmission
  • Fireproof (complies with EN 13501-1)
  • Energy efficient

The classic DBS Standard double membrane system is made with 100% high frequency welded seams, which ensure low thermal conductivity. Through our experience, and with our technological measures, we were able to upgrade the classic double membrane system to the DBS Plus membrane system, which is the most popular type of membrane system for construction of air domes. To achieve even lower thermal conductivity, we recommend the DBS Max version with its special welding technique.

The latest DBS Thermo membrane system, with its innovative welding method, combined with special insulation materials and technologically advanced coatings, ensures high-energy savings and is the system with lowest thermal conductivity for temporary constructions.

Throughout the years we have been developing membrane systems and have raised them to a higher level. We have combined the best features of individual systems and added sky windows, which gives a high transmission of daylight and thus reduces the consumption of electricity by the lighting. The efficient DBS Hybrid membrane system, which is a combination of different membrane systems, offers high savings in lighting and heating, while providing a high degree of thermal insulation.

Custom made DBS HVAC systems enable:

  • Longer life span of machinery
  • Less maintenance required
  • Lower consumption of electricity and fuels than others on the market
  • Efficient operation regardless of weather conditions

DBS HVAC systems represent one of the most advanced devices of this type on the market. They are highly automated, user friendly and incorporate mechanical components from renowned European manufactures.

In the development department we monitor the performance of embedded DBS HVAC systems. Based on the monitoring analyses we constantly improve and optimise the heating and cooling technologies. This places us among the most technologically advanced companies in the market for the construction of air domes.


  • Hot water
  • Solid fuels
  • Heat pump
  • Gas
  • Diesel
  • Solar panels
  • Cooling systems
  • Oil
  • Electricity
  • Pellets

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LE-DBS is our long-term development solution, which can lower electricity consumption by up to 40 %. The LE-DBS lighting system is certified by various European institutes and is able to supply maximum luminance for a space no matter the size or purpose. LE-DBS features:

DALI technology for controlling of lighting system, dimming of lights with options from 0 to 100 %.

With the DIAL system for analysis of luminance we achieve proper illumination of each space as per customer requirements.

DBS lighting system is certified according to IECEE standard and has compliance for use in sports facilities according to DIN VED 0710-13:1981 and DIN VED 18032-3.

Smart system saves up to 40% of energy.

Why use the DBS Smart Dome system?

  • User friendly interface
  • High energy savings (automation of heating, cooling and lighting)
  • Low management costs
  • Saving time with simplified management
  • Remote control at any time and from anywhere in the world (via tablet, mobile phone or computer)

DBS Smart Dome features:

  • Pre-set programs for heating and lighting
  • Video control of the structure
  • Smoke detection control and alarm system
  • Automatic e-mail and text notification
  • Possibility of automatic adjustment of lighting, heating and cooling according to external weather and user needs
  • Control and regulation of energy consumption (electricity, oil, gas, hot water)
  • Control over filter technology, hardware performance, air quality and pressure state

Levels of safety in a DBS air dome

  1. Normal operation
    All 3 main blowers powered via the electricity network.
  2. Level of protection
    An electric generator powers all 3 main blowers.
  3. Level of protection
    Emergency blower unit no. 1:
    Separate automatic system for independent operation, dual security components for unit management.
  4. Level of protection
    Emergency blower unit no. 2:
    Separate automatic system for independent operation, double security components for unit management.

With the help of an effective design process and high-quality products we can install an air-supported structure even in the harshest conditions.

Deformation sensors monitor and detect changes in the air-supported structure. In just a few steps, the maintenance person can check the condition of the air supported structure and adjust the operation of the blower units based on the external weather conditions.

We have designed clear membranes that allow light to flood into the structures. These windows are very popular for spaces dedicated to sports and other daytime activities. This is a great option for saving electricity costs.

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